What Our Clients Say About Us

  • I met Derlene by chance or as I like to think of it, by fate.  We were both at a networking event and I got to hear her speak on finding your “Yes!”  I found myself thinking I need to find my yes.  I was recently divorced with 2 kids and seemed to be in a constant state of apprehension in my personal life.  In my professional life, I was self-assured and confident and assertive.  In my personal life, I was constantly second guessing myself and overwhelmed.  With Derlene’s help, I was able to implement a “parenting plan” of my own that included rules and consequences for breaking my rules.  Anyone who has gone through a divorce, understands how hard this can be when the other parent is always undermining you.  The change in my kids has been amazing!  Our relationship has flourished. 


    Derlene helped me change my focus from a negative perspective to a very positive one.  I no longer look at my week as what all I did NOT accomplish but rather wow, look what all I accomplished.  Derlene helped me break the tendency to constantly feel like I had to explain myself to my ex-husband.  During my marriage, I was always under scrutiny and micro-managed per se.  Derlene helped me break that cycle and it has been the most empowering experience I have ever had.  I am confident again and know I am able to handle whatever is thrown at me.  I am now able to not just focus on making it through the day but to dream again and have recently started working on a life-long goal of getting my master’s degree.  I can’t thank Derlene enough for helping me get “me” back!    

    --- Crystal Huff

  • We met for a reason…my life was not going as planned. My marriage of 35 years was ending and I felt broken, fearful, and anxious. Moving forward was too difficult for me to even fathom. I was stuck, paralyzed, and wondered where God was in all of this. As I let go of those disempowering feelings and learned to use the tools Derlene taught me, I found renewed strength and energy. I am now ready to live the life I choose to live!

    Derlene stood by and guided me as I saved myself.

    ---- Janet Schwendemann
  • Coaching with Derlene was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often, in fact sometimes ever, that I can be with someone and have a conversation with them in which I am completely present with each other. In our sessions, Derlene would listen to absolutely everything I was thinking and feeling, no judgement attached, to describe what was going on inside my head. In those moments, Derlene was able to help me gain the tools that I needed to work through my current challenge. Not only did she equip me with those tools necessary, but she also helped me throughout the process to become more knowledgeable with the tools themselves. She was able to help me deal with a situation that I was unsuccessful at handling by myself for years.

    Derlene helped me to outline goals, work on the tools necessary for accomplishing the goals, and strengthening my already-present skills and abilities (that I often did not realize I had) in order to overcome the ever-present struggles in my life.

    The work of a life coach requires a persistent, caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable person; and Derlene is all of that and so much more. She was incredibly compassionate when working with me, but also willing to ask the tough questions that needed to be considered and answered before I began taking action.

    I am now living a bold, happy, and purposeful life that I love because of all of the help and coaching that I received from Derlene within our sessions.

    ---- Jaclyn Ziegemeier