Inhale the Now; Exhale the Yesterday

What are you telling yourself about your personal and professional relationships that are holding you back from living your dreams?  

This inspirational presentation will challenge the audience to embrace, learn, and move on from past experiences and understand the essential significance of living in the moment of NOW! Derlene’s enthusiasm and life experiences will move her audience to seek immediate change in self that results in better relationships both personally and professionally.

The ABC’s of Empowerment (I just can’t help it! I’m a teacher!)

Why does it feel like we are always hitting the “repeat” button on life even though we are “trying” to change?  Assertiveness does not mean pushy or bossy.  Building confidence does not mean we are egotistical. In this presentation, Derlene takes a look at what empowerment means and how to go about using daily and life situations to become empowered to live a life that we desire.  The audience will walk away using new language that is delivered with love, even in the most uncomfortable situations both at home and work.

Keep Calm and Gratitude On

Do you see yourself or anyone you love in these situations:  have a tendency to be negative, talk about others, always feel like a victim, resent past hurts, complain about getting out of bed in the morning, or just do not enjoy the gift of today?  Derlene will take a look at what gratitude is and isn’t.  Through humor and wisdom, tips are offered to the audience that will encourage, motivate and challenge the audience to Keep Calm and Gratitude On!