“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” -- Decouvertes.

Why Choose Empowerment Coach Derlene?

“You just don’t understand,” my sister would always say.  But I did understand.  I just did not share with her that I had my own little war going on inside me.  The doubts, the fears, the seclusion, the mind-chatter, the constant nag in the back of my mind.  

Sometimes our life just gets stuck.  We have no desires, dreams, goals, we have no “get up and go.”  Not in our personal life or professional life.  So, what do we do?

This is the part of your journey where I walk in and help you to wake back up and energetically live this amazing thing we call life! I will guide you as you gain clarity in creating a life that YOU choose to live. How cool is that?  YES, you can be that person.  I know, I have been on the sleeping, dark side of my journey.  I get it.  

I also get by asking some very powerful, thought-provoking questions, you can shift the way you look at your experiences and see the amazing positive learnings just waiting to be discovered!

COACHING WITH ME: You will gain clarity almost immediately and begin creating a plan which will IGNITE YOUR  JOURNEY!

COACHING SESSIONS: Your first session will consist of assessing you and begin working together to develop a plan of action which is goal-oriented and will achieve the greatest success.  As we work together to address the primary issues and learn the valuable lessons offered, an amazing transformation will begin to take shape!  

Call today to make your appointment to IGNITE YOUR JOURNEY and LIVE this amazing thing called LIFE!


  • Empowerment/Life Coaching
  • Speaking
  • Seminars
  • Retreats


  • 20+ years coaching, mentoring, teaching, motivating, inspiring, affirming the lives of others to step into their own personal or professional empowerment.
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy Certified
  • Master of Success Mastery 2
  • Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education; Lindenwood University

Integrity - Period. No sales pitches. Just great coaching.

Empowerment Consultation - If you're seriously considering working with a coach, please feel free to contact me for a no cost 30-minute consultation. We will talk about how we can work together to help you create goals and answer any questions you have which will then allow you to begin stepping in your empowerment and living the life you so deeply desire.