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Hi!  I am Derlene Hirtz, Founder of You.Empowered Services.  Happy wife, joyful mom, and now a very proud GiGi!

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I vividly remember the day a friend called me on the carpet about an answer I gave to a question.  It was a rote answer that I knew (so I thought) was expected.  Once challenged about what I REALLY believed, I was surprised he found my opinion important enough to challenge me.  Then there was this “nag” always hanging out in the back of my mind.  By always, I mean years and years. The more I tried to ignore it, the more of a nuisance it became.  Until the day came when I could no longer live making excuses for all my unhappiness and always saying, “It’s not my fault…”  In a strong emotional moment, I made the decision to look into that “nag” or dark place in my mind, discover what was there, learn from my past mistakes and experiences, and eventually create a life that allows me to be truly joyful and happy.  It was sometimes very difficult; I would show up in my daily life all happy and pretend I was on top of my world.  Then, the drive home from work become darker and darker as I got closer to my house.

Making that decision to address the darkness is the best decision I have ever made.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had the perfect people in my life to help me through my journey.  A life/business coach that was available constantly to talk to me, a friend that I “just happened” to meet, and a very few friends I trusted enough to share my secret journey.  When I reflect on the time of darkness, I feel like a woman who was under water, holding my breath for as long as possible.   When I could hold it no longer, I came bursting through the crystal clear water, shooting up to the surface with incredible force, taking a deep breath and finding … life!  A life in which I do not just survive, but THRIVE! Let me share with you, IT IS PHENOMENAL!

As I became more and more aware of my true identity, I knew God gifted me with this journey so that I could be of service to others to support their personal and professional empowerment in their life journey.    Whether it is a parent facing the last child leaving home, a failed marriage, fear of child in the military and in harm’s way, transition to a new job, or an identity crisis, I journey right along side you, supporting every step of the way.  

My husband is very supportive of my desire to live my dream of empowering others and sharing my story and the life lessons I learn from living, learning and growing!  My daughter is recently married.  I am very proud of the young women that she is.  One of the hardest jobs we as moms have is raising our girls to become confident and self-sufficient in an environment in which everyone outside of the front door is sending messages as to why she is not pretty enough (have some surgery!), smart enough (women are not as smart as men!), dressed to style (seriously, what is “style?”), and happy enough (take a pill, that will help!).  My son is married to a wonderful woman who is supportive of his goals to be a soldier in the US Army.  Talk about a difficult time being a mom!  I fully support and respect his choice to live his calling; although it is very difficult sometimes to to watch the face of someone when I tell them that my son is a peacekeeper in the Army.  My read is they immediately feel sorry for me and say that, or they simply cannot understand how I can support him with the danger of it all. My mantra is, “God’s Divine plan is greater than my human fear.”  This is my mantra as he once again faces deployment, this time with the birth of my grandson imminent.

One of my greatest loves has become bike riding.  Three years ago I decided that I wanted to ride a bike for exercise.  Little did I know at that time, riding a bike would be pivotal in my personal journey toward living a full life!  Every time I get on my bike, I am reminded that this is one of the tools that I use to challenge myself physically, mentally, and even spiritually.  I recall the first time I rode five miles and thought, “Oh yeah! I have really gone far this time!”  I laugh now as I have my sights set on a century ride (100 miles!).  I very much enjoy riding in charity events; I seem to be able to push myself even farther when I know others are going to benefit from my great love!  Bike riding has become a beacon of my personal understanding that I can design and live a life that I choose to live.  That is the greatest gift I have received when my husband gifted me with a three-speed bike that, when I rode it for the first time with a friend, I thought I was going to die!  Actually, it was quite the opposite, I found life!

As an educator, I have mentored young people for many years.  I discovered that the real reason why I love teaching was to be included in their journey toward adulthood. Empowering students to seek and then stay true to their own person is the greatest gift I can offer each of them.  I have enjoyed watching young people become thriving members of our community.  Working with their parents has also offered great opportunities for me to coach.  Whether it is encouraging parents to remain consistent in parenting or dealing with their own issues of life changes such as loss of job or divorce, I have gained invaluable experience as a coach.  I have given talks on faith, empowerment, forgiveness, and parenting.  Knowing that I have empowered others to be a better parent through accepting, knowing, and understanding themselves is priceless!

If YOU are ready to step into YOUR life, give me a call for a free consultation.  I am confident I can help YOU to change YOUR life to one of authentic, joyful living. Emotionally, physically, professionally, or spiritually; design the life you desire and most of all, the life you deserve!

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  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy Certified
  • Master of Success Mastery 2
  • Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education; Lindenwood University