• Empowerment is like life,
    it is about the journey,
    not the destination.
  • Choice is a powerful thing.
    Suffering is optional.
    - Stacey O’Byrne.
  • If you really want to do something,
    you'll find a way; if you don't,
    you'll find an excuse. - Jim Rohn
  • Your time as a caterpillar has expired.
    Your wings are ready.
  • Empowered People Empower People

You.Empowered Services

Hi!  Welcome to my website!  I am Derlene Hirtz, also known as the YES finder!  I am an empowerment coach, speaker, and author.  I journey alongside You as you seek your YES in life!  “YES” to becoming empowered and experiencing life with renewed energy, focus, and enthusiasm. You.Empowered Services seeks to serve others through coaching and speaking services.  As the founder, I seek to motivate, affirm, and inspire others to seek their greatest dreams and desires, both personally and professionally.

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YES is committed to:

  • Developing the process tailor made for each client.

  • An agenda that is specific to the needs of the client.

  • Creating an interactive partnership with the client that is safe and sacred.

  • Understanding that the client is creative and resourceful and has the ability to create the world they desire.

  • Motivating, inspiring, and affirming the client as the journey of self-discovery is made through coaching and retreat/seminar sessions.

  • Positively challenging the client to learn and grow on a continual basis.

  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion of every client with no judgment attached.

What Is An Empowerment Coach?

While watching a baseball game, the pitcher was having a tough time getting the ball over the plate. The pitching coach came out, gathered a couple of the guys together, talked to the pitcher, made a plan of action, and sent the pitcher back out to the mound.

That’s what I do for people who are having a tough time in their life. It might be from realizing they have become complacent, or they are transitioning through a life event, or perhaps have had an experience they just cannot get past. I huddle together with her/him. Together we address the specific personal or business challenge, discover the obstacles that may be in the way, and then create a course of action to move toward what is desired by the client.

What Does Empowerment Coaching Look Like?

Just like that pitching coach, I ask questions. I know that you have inside of you everything you need to be successful. As I create a safe place for you to be completely honest and explore thoughts and motivations, you will be empowered by the support and find strength to make the changes you need to move forward.

Do I Need An Empowerment Coach?

Oprah has one, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, even the band, Metallica, has had empowerment coaches. Everyone needs a little help sometime.

By the very nature you are reading this; I believe you are reaching out for some help in fulfilling your dreams and goals. Reaching new successes and gaining some tools to increase your personal satisfaction in life or reach business goals you have set are excellent reasons to take advantage of coaching. You will soar to new heights! You will no longer allow the world to dictate the limits that are placed on you; you will understand that anything is possible!


Admittedly, I am excited about the solar eclipse!  I wasn’t really “into it” until a friend asked me if I wanted to travel to a state park here in Missouri, hike up a 1.5-2-mile trail, stand at the peak of the highest point, and witness the (little over) two-minute disk of the moon completely covering the disk of the sun.  Complete darkness.   It sounds mysteriously wonderful, even eerie.  I will be able to share the story with my grandchildren.  I...

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